Monday, October 26, 2009

Hooray for Blissful Monday

Jess Gonacha Swift started this wonderful project at her Treasuring blog called Blissful Monday. I thought it would be a great opportunity to try to do a regular post here and to remind myself of all the wonderful, simple things I am thankful for.

In her words:
"Blissful Monday is a place for us to make our own rules. It's a place to talk about what makes us really truly happy. To ruminate on what we want our bliss-filled lives to look like, in all its dreaminess. To reflect on the past week and what we've loved. Memories. Aha moments. Insights. Touching compliments. A gorgeous breakfast. A smile. Gratitude."

What a great way to start the week, huh? If you want to join in, pop on over to her log and leave a comment.

So here's my BLISS LIST:

* Spending this Saturday with my friend's kids and we played in the park. We were running around doing cartwheels in the grass, playing with a hacky-sac, and goofing off. The sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and I felt like I was 8 all over again.

* Making my first sale in my Apples and Aardvark shop.

* Baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch and sharing them with friends.

* Hiking in the desert and feeling the cool October breeze.

* Singing out of tune with one of my closest friends and crying when the music becomes so moving and reminds you what life is about.

* Beat-boxing terribly and finding it incredibly hilarious.


  1. ooh! i've got one:

    --every time my daughter says "juice"

    thanks so much for being a loyal scoutie girl reader. i really appreciate you taking the time to comment!!

    tara - scoutie girl

  2. That's so cute, Tara. How old is your daughter? I love scoutie girl and I'm glad to comment! Thanks so much for stopping by here too :)