Monday, February 22, 2010

Bringing you a bit of spring!

It's Monday and that means its time to give you a bit of bliss with my bliss list. I thought I'd do it a bit differently this week and share with you some things that are uplifting to me. To start, I fell in love with Mirror Lake's photostream the minute I saw it. I think you will too. This photographer lives in Taiwan and primarily photographs birds, although his photostream contains the occasional monkey or butterfly (a great surprise). Here's a few of my favorites, but I encourage you to go to his photostream...I could spend hours there.

And a few more uplifting things to check out:

* It's never too soon to start taking control of your life. Turns out, attitude really is everything. Learn how to be your own placebo effect here.

* I've been really inspired to travel lately. This photograph is one reason. Anyone want to go to New Zealand with me?

* It's actually been raining here lately. Not common for my neck of the woods, but it brings a nice sense of calm to me. Do you feel the same way about rain?

* I've been blogged about on this very fashionable blog.

*Free art is always fun! Check out this free download from Nan Lawson at IndieFixx.

I'd always love to hear what inspires you or what brings you bliss. Feel free to leave comments or links!


  1. Hey, I'll go to New Zealand. The photo looks beautiful. love the birds. Nature is always inspiring and never gets tiring.



  2. Alright, potential travel partner! :) You are right, nature is a never-ending plethora of goodness. Thanks for commenting, Julia!