Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Recap: 12 Months of Mostly Good...

This year has been an amazing one! Full of ups and downs, but mostly ups. And while it hasn't been all roses, I'll take this moment to share the most important events which happily revolve around mostly positive moments. So here goes nothing:

January started out rather uneventful yet a little rough. I continued to work my engineering job, run my etsy shops, create, and rock-climb. I worked on mending my heart from a couple of past relationships.

In February I started talking with a wonderful man (let's call him D) who, little did I know, would become the love of my life.

March came around and I met D on Saint Patrick's Day for a little rock-climbing and food. After that our relationship began to blossom.

April begins a gorgeous spring in the desert. Rock-climbing and my first "Beanfest" at Cochise Stronghold in Southern Arizona. D was the "Beanmaster." For all of you who have never heard of it, it's a big party of rock-climbers who get together for great food (including lots of beans), tons of climbing, unfortunate amounts of tequila as well as the ritualistic beaning of each participant. Go to your tent with beans on your head or risk retribution! :)

May brought a trip to San Diego: cold dips in the Pacific, fish tacos, artsy towns, Balboa Park, old friends, and camping by the ocean. The best trip to San Diego ever.

In June we took a trip to New Orleans to visit D's family. I loved that city!

More climbing in July, along with a visit from my mom.

Big changes in August with a move to the rural parts of southern Arizona (although still working in Tucson part-time). Adjusting to living 30 minutes from everything has been a little hard, but a great experience. I love the amazing mountain views, incredible 360 degree sunsets, proximity to my favorite Arizona town - Bisbee, lots of land for gardening, the incredible stars, and the peace and quiet. We also took another trip in August to Michigan, where I took D to my most favorite place in the world, Leland.

September brings cooler weather and a little trip to Sedona.

In October my mom moved to Phoenix, yay! We also got a puppy from the pound.

Lazy days in November. More rock-climbing and another Beanfest. We also started a lifestyle photography business, Twin Satori Photography.

December came so quickly and is already over! We had a great holiday season with a trip from D's parents and a few lovely visits from my mom. D and I had our first Christmas together and a magical end to the year.

Happy 2011 everyone. May it be safe and full of good!


  1. What a creative idea for a post! I just might have to steal this from you for my blog. :)

    And, wow! Those pictures are just gorgeous! It's nice to see this style as opposed to all of the bokeh on your Etsy shop. I especially LOVE this first two pictures!!

  2. Well thank you, Christina! I'm glad you like the idea and I hope you do use it for your blog.

    I'm also happy you liked the pictures! Maybe I'll have to add some more of my other pictures to my shop to diversify a little. :)